Eyeliner VS Mascara [ Insightful answer ]

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Yes, it is a great topic for many of the users of eye makeup. Most of the general users of eye makeup become confused about using eyeliner or mascara. But the facts about this comparison are interesting. In eyeliner vs. mascara, ‘which is best for you?’ will depend on your desired look and personal choice. It is an endless debate if you want to know the best one without setting your goal and desired look.

If you ask experts or makeup artists to choose the best one, most of them will suggest one of them or both for you. But the wise decision is to choose the right one, which is the fittest for you according to your desired look, flexibilities, facilities, and desired result.

At this point, I guess you have understood the point that you should know the features and facilities of both and eyeliner and mascara. And you should also know your desired result. It sounds weird to know our desired outcome… Right? But the fact is that most of us actually don’t set out the desired goal before choosing among the two.

This article will describe both eyeliner and mascara and show you which is best for you. It will help you to choose the right product for you. That’s all. Are you ready? Okay… let’s go…


There are many types of eyeliner, and they can be perfectly suited to your eyes. Most popular eyeliner like gel, cream, or liquid liner should be applied wisely on the upper lash line to change your eyes’ natural look or shape. To understand the eye shape and the importance of the perfect usages of a particular eye shape, you need to be a little experience, such as cat eyes are great for liquid liner and smoky eyes are great for gel liner and so on.  When you are the master of the technique, you are the game-changer of this makeup game.

When you use the eyeliner, you should apply it along with the edge of eyelashes, and for a better result, you can begin with the inner edge of the eyes and end with the outer edge of the eyes. It can also be perfectly fit in your lower lid.

If you follow this formula, sometimes you will see that it doesn’t fit with your eyes. In that case, you can follow the other formula. You can line from the middle to the lash line’s outer edges, and in the lower lid, you can apply from the corner of the eyes to the edge outside of the eyes. You can also play with another formula. You can just put dots on the base of the lashes.


Mascara can be a fantastic product if you can use it perfectly. It can be used in a diversified way to enhance the look of your eyes. You can add many dramas and colors to your look with the use of mascara. It can give your eyes an instant lift, and it is almost mandatory for opening up eyes.

At the time of using mascara, you should remember that you will not lump mascara with lashes. It may bring a horrible look. It will spoil your look, and it can be the cause of prone. If you are blessed with thick, dark lashes, then eyeliner may not be the perfect one for you. But mascara can provide you a youthful and wide-awake look.

For a better result in using mascara, you can apply mascara in both eyelids. For the full benefit, mascara needs both eyelids applications. In the second coat, you should apply it after drying off the first one. At the time of using mascara, you should bend the wand in the right way, and you should also remember that it is not good for you to pump the wand in and out of the jar of mascara. It will dry up the mascara faster.

For Brighter Look: Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a splendid choice for the desired bright look for your eyes. You can use classic black for a better outcome on the top or light peach shade in the waterline if you desire to double up on the liner. This approach will make lash a bigger look. If you want a smaller look, you can use just heavy black eyeliner and use it on your entire eye shape.

For Bigger Look: Mascara

It is a great product and a superb choice for the desired bigger look of your eyes. This mascara can open up the eyes instantly lift, but it is the important point that you have to use the mascara properly. If you use too much product, it can be the cause of clumsy and thick look.

For Bolder Look: Eyeliner and Mascara

If you want fuller and thicker lashes, both eyeliner and mascara are good for you. They will make you look more awake and will add attractiveness. You will be able to use the liner both for bolder and for the waterline.


Is it OK to Wear Eyeliner Without Mascara?

This is a fascinating and little complex question. The best answer is YES. It is ok to wear eyeliner without mascara. You can wear it. It is your choice. No problem to wear eyeliner without mascara if you are comfortable with it.

It actually depends on many factors. It is perfectly ok for many users. But it is not good for a few users. My personal experience is different. It is not good for me, and I do not feel comfortable using eyeliner without mascara.

Are Eyeliner and Mascara The Same Thing?

The simple answer is NO. The eyeliner and mascara are not the same things. But the purpose of both eyeliner and mascara are the same. The prime purpose of those is to make your eyes beautiful. The eyeliner makes your eyes look larger, and the mascara makes your eyes look fuller. Their purpose is almost the same, but they work in different ways. They are not the same. They have a basic difference between eyeliner and mascara.

 Which is Better Eyeliner or Mascara?

In makeup products, it is one of the most asked questions to experts and makeup artists. The direct and simple answer is unusual to this question: Both eyeliner and mascara are better, but you have to choose the fittest one. You have to find out the best one which is suited for you.

In makeup products, it is perfectly ok to use eyeliner for some people, and it is ok to use mascara for some people. It actually depends on the desired look you want and the shape of your eyes.

 Does eyeliner or mascara go first?

It is a matter of personal practice for many of us. We will see that many users use it in different ways and different formulas. But I think you can follow this order for the best practice. Firstly, you should use eyeliner and then gradually use primer, foundation, contour, blush, highlight, eyebrows, lashes, and mascara at last.

I recommend and personally use eyeliner first and the mascara later because it will protect many other products from falling into the mascara, and mascara will be protected from becoming less black. And ultimately, the eyes can be defined.

Does Eyeliner Make You Look Old?

Before finalizing any look, it is your duty to experiment to find your best look. In your experiment, you can be confused about the eyeliner. You think that eyeliner makes you old. It very normal thinking for the user, and it is true.

If you can’t apply the eyeliner properly, it can give you the look of being old. It’s all about the application. For the perfect look, you have to apply the eyeliner perfectly. Sometimes, the thick eyeliner can be the cause of looking old. So, you should use the eyeliner properly to make you as you desired to look.

Final words:

After the above discussion, it is clear that both eyeliner and mascara is a great product for us. In comparison, eyeliner vs mascara, we see that both of these products have come to beautify our eyes. But they have different features and working functions. So, we should choose one or both for our desired look and the shape of our eyes. If we can fix our desired look before applying, know our eyes shape, and apply with proper technique, we will be completely successful, and our choice will be perfect.

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