Gel VS Liquid Eyeliner ( Savvy and Insightful Answer)

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If you often use Eyeliner, you have probably tried to figure out many types of eyeliner. You may watch many video tutorials to gather knowledge about eyeliner from YouTube and many other sources. You have probably also searched for many social media and search engines like Instagram, Facebook, Google,  Bing, and so on to figure out the fact and suitability for you. Sometimes, you may be confused and not properly clear about different types of eyeliners. RIGHT?…

In this article, I am going to describe the comparison between the two eyeliner. Here, I will clarify GEL VS LIQUID EYELINER so that you can choose the right eyeliner for you. Okay, let’s start. 

Gel Liner:

Gel liner is one kind of creamy product, and it is a solid color with no layer. And it is applied with a thin eyeliner brush. Normally it comes with a small spot, and when you apply it, it seems like a liquid liner. A master artist can use gel liner as a creamy eyeshadow.

Gel liner is actually good for beginners because it is easy to use. There are also many reasons to call it ideal for a newbie, such as it blends perfectly, and it takes a longer time to dry. This time is significant for beginners. If it takes a longer time, the beginner will get more time to fix the mistakes.

Many makeup experts recommend gel liner for beginners to consider these things. The user can easily make her line and control many things like choosing the brush’s size, the thickness of the line, and the intensity of the color.

How Gel liner works:

You can easily apply this gel liner with a brush. It is better to use a small and angled brush. The small size bush fits best to apply.

How is Gel Liner Good for:

The gel liner is actually perfect for people who are inexperienced with an unsteady hand. This gel liner is considered the most forgiving eyeliner, and you will control many things of coverage.

 Gel Eyeliner Application Tips:

You should go approach differently for deeper black. For deeper black, go over the same line three to four times for a better result. For a natural look, you can go over just one or two times.

Gel liner is not for drawing a sharp-edged wing, but it is ideal for a smoky eye and smudged eyes.

Liquid liner:

The liquid liner comes in liquid forms, as its name suggests. Normally, we find it as a pen with a marker-type form. The liquid liner is more watery than a gel liner. It is a great liner for a defined look and creating the perfect line.

This is a sophisticated eyeliner which can make a dramatic look. And it is very precise eyeliner. But unfortunately, this liquid liner is not as buildable as gel liners. The good thing about it is that if you are little a steady hand, the liquid liner is easier to use than the gel liner.

The liquid liner is not as forgiving as the gel liner. It demands a little more tricky to apply because it dries faster and has little or no room to fix the mistakes.

How liquid liner works:

This liner is normally packaged in a tiny bottle-shaped box that is attached to a small brush. To apply it properly, you need a little practice. With a little practice, it will give a perfect look and will work amazingly.

How is Liquid Liner Good for:

If you have a steady hand, it can be a great liner for you to use. It is a perfect liner for drawing a direct thin line on your lash line, and usually, the outcome of this liner is an opaque but shiny finish.

You can add some definition to your eyes if the clean lines are necessary for you. This the perfect product for you. But it is just necessary to give some extra time to practice for better results. It is the perfect eyeliner for cat eyes.

Liquid Eyeliner Application Tips:

There are different types of eyes of the people. So, some tips will not be the fittest for some eyes. But usually, you will get better results if you follow these tips.

  • As a wide eyes owner, you should take the liner towards the corner and the nose’s ridge to bring it together.
  • If you are the owner of a close eyes owner, you should concentrate on the liner’s intensity on the eyes outside.
  • If you are a vanished lid, you should concentrate on staying close to the lash.
  • For an Asian eye, you should follow the long shape of an eye and also extend it.
  • My advice is to create a long line for the hooded eye owner, and you should do it from the inner edge of your eye.

Handy tips for all kinds of liner:

Here, I will give some tips for all kinds of liners and eye shapes, improving your usages.

  •  You can begin with a sketch in shape you desire with the sharpened eye pencil. By doing this, you will get the facility that you will be able to erase the mistake easily. After fixing the sketch, you will apply a liner on this sketch with color.
  • You can follow the shape of the eyes. Please follow your eyes’ shape and the look you desire to make before you thicken the liner.


Which is better liquid eyeliner or Gel?

The short and simple answer to this question: IT DEPENDS on your personal preference. The boh liners have some advantages and drawbacks for the users. The gel liner is easy to use and easy to control, but it is not as perfect and smooth as the liquid liner. On the other hand, the liquid liner is less easy to control, but it is thicker and smoother than the gel liner. So, the ultimate thing is your preference and suitability with you. That’s all.

Does gel eyeliner last longer than liquid?

The simple answer is YES. The Gel eyeliner lasts longer than liquid eyeliner. The gel is the longer-lasting liner, and it lasts for the entire day.

Are gel eyeliners good?

The answer is YES. The gel liner is good. If I elaborate on the answer, I will say that it is good for all, but sometimes it is great for some users. If you are an inexperienced user or a beginner, it is a great choice for you. It is a great choice for you because you will be able to use it without much experience.

Does gel eyeliner dry out?

The short and simple answer is YES. Gel eyeliner dries out. And most of the time, it dries out quickly. But the fact is, you should not throw your gel eyeliner. Although the gel liner dries out within a short period of time, you can use it to revive the gel liner. Frequently replacing the liner is painful for many users, and it is also expensive for many users.

Is Gel eyeliner easy to apply?

The short answer is YES. The gel eyeliner is comparatively much easier to apply. There is no need for much experience to use this liner, and it is possible to rectify the mistake easily here. It is a good thing that is not present in many other eyeliners. So, it is called the best choice for the beginner or the newbie.

Final words:

From the above discussion, it is not clear that both eyeliners are good for the users. If you are the general user or the makeup artist, keep in mind that the features and the work abilities are different in both the liners. The good thing is that the users are also different types and their choice and need are also different. Before using eyeliner, you should use it as a trial and test your fitness to get the eyeliner game’s best result. From the outcome of the trial, you should take the right decision for you.

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