Why Do My Eyes Water When I Wear Makeup? (Savvy Answer)

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Imagine a scene; you have done a fantastic makeup job to decorate yourself with a gorgeous look. But unfortunately, your watering eyes are creating a problem. Your tears are making messy all of your fantastic look and great decoration of the makeup. Your eye makeup is melting down, and the color is changing because of tears of eyes… What a messy situation!

What will you feel in this situation? You may feel heartbreaking and incredible pain because of the sensitivity of the eyes. And you may ask, ‘Why Do My Eyes Water When I Wear Makeup’.  At an early age, I have suffered a lot because of my watery eyes. It was a significant problem with my makeup. I was very frustrated because of these watery eyes, and I know the feeling of this situation.

After long-suffering, I had taken expert opinion, and now I am almost free from this problem.

When you wear makeup, your eyes become watery for many reasons like allergens of the air or allergic reaction of the product, eye infection, irritation, side effect of the dry eyes or eye strain, bacterial infections, etc.

Your first and foremost step will be to find the right reason for the water in your eyes.

At first, contact an expert optometrist for proper treatment. After an appropriate eye exam and diagnosis, follow the advice of that optometrist. With the consulting of the expert, I have got the excellent result to use the contact lenses. It does not mean that lenses will also work for you. I have used lenses because of the advice of my doctor.

Patients should always follow the advice of the eye doctor for the betterment of him or her. The cause of water in your eyes can be different, but in these articles, I will give you some makeup tips. If you follow these tips, that will improve your eyes and benefit you in using makeup products or cosmetics.

Okay, let’s start…

There are ten makeup tips for people whose eyes are watery.

If you are watery eyes, you can follow these makeup tips to improve your watery and sensitive eyes.

  1. Use hypoallergenic makeup:

Suppose you know the types of tears and can find out the reason for your tears. It is splendid news for you, and you will see that most of the time, your tears directly result from makeup products.

In this case, you should use hypoallergenic mascara, eyeliner, cream eye shadow, and so on. You should use a good brand for beauty products because it is a sensitive issue for your skin. The eye specialist Dr. Thau always recommends the top brand for the betterment of eyes and sensitive skin. The product with synthetic fragrances and dyes can cause continual eye irritation and the water of the sensitive eyes. Then the risk of the eye will be high because of the harmful chemicals. If you can figure out you are allergic to something, never use that product.

  1. Use Makeup Primer:

There are many ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products. You can use an eye cream or under -eye primer. The tears of your eyes are full of saltwater, and this saltwater can be stay under-eye area. The makeup primer helps stretch the wearability of makeup and moisturizer. It is also applicable for lashes, but be careful about false eyelashes. False lashes are not suitable for you.
  1. Use clean brushes:

To keep yourself safe from allergies and dust, use clean brushes. Clean brushes will help you keep stay away from dust. Good makeup artist always uses the clean brush for makeup application. For better results, change the brush every three months. Don’t use spoiled liquid makeup. It is very harmful to you.

     4. You should tilt your chin up:

You will get an excellent result if you follow this tip in your makeup application. When you see your tears start in the mid makeup application, you will tilt your chin up and look forward with a deep, long breath. In that time, be careful about too much blinking of your eyes. Your blinking can mess up your tears.

  1. Remove all your makeup at night:

It is excellent pro tips you should always remove all the makeup at night to keep yourself safe from eyes watering and irritated eyes. You have to clear all the lashes and eyelids at night so that the glands will not be irritated and dried.

You can also use the pre-moistened makeup remover wipes in the market because only water and soap don’t really work perfectly; they don’t reach the deep level of what the makeup remover does.

I also suggest that use waterproof makeup formulas if your eyes are misty. These are harder in the time of washing. The experts also like to use the bi-phase formulas because they have water and oil. It works effectively to loosen up the waterproof product to wash perfectly. Oil-based cleansers always work best for the waterproof product. Oil-based or Bi-phase makeup removers are useful when it is used in proper ways.

  1. Use tissues handy:

Keep tissues under your eyes. It will catch the droplet when it comes to destroying your makeup. You can also use a tissue barrier when you apply the false lashes. Tissue plays a crucial role here, and it will protect your makeup from mess up. So use the tissues handy.

  1. Use eye drops:

If you are disgusted with your watery eyes and want relief quickly, you can use eye drops. In using the drops, use the drop without preservatives and side effects. The eye drops work perfectly for many persons. But some people are also attacked by side effects. So, before using any drop, consult with a specialist doctor.

  1. Don’t use powder under your eyes:

If you are a watery eye, you should not use power. Power typically absorbs the water, and it ruins the makeup to make it messy. In that case, the better option for you is setting spray.

  1. Avoid old makeup:

Always try to use new and branded makeup. If you still use the mascara and it is older than three months, it is time to replace the new one. Old and expired cosmetics can cause eye infections. It will make the worst of your watery eyes problem.

  1. Avoid lining your waterline and lower lashes:

It will be the worst situation if you use eyeliner on the inner side of the lashes. If you do this, you may face the worst.


If you follow these tips, it will improve your watery eyes. If your eyes are watery, go to the doctor for a specialized consultation. It will help you much to wear makeup with watery eyes.


Is it bad to put eye shadow in your water line?

The short and simple answer to the question is YES. It is bad to put eye shadow in your water line. If you already do it, stop putting eye shadow in your water line.

Anything which is harmful to the eyes and creates irritation in your eyes, you should avoid. Especially if you wear contacts, just put nothing in your waterline, anyway.

You should also remember that you may be affected by the infection if you put eye makeup directly in your contact eyes. You should throw out all if you are affected by the infection. You can only use the line with a sharp pencil.

Why does one eye water at night?

One eye water at night is seen for many reasons like infection, bacterial, irritation, allergic, viral, etc. And it is night time because many of us like to do night time rituals like washing, makeup removal, changing, hair combing, and so on. Any of this can infect us in one or both eyes.


Are water-based moisturizers good for dry skin on the face?

The brief answer is YES; water-based moisturizers are good for dry skin on the face.

There are some benefits of using water-based moisturizers on the face. Some benefits are described below.

Speedy absorbed:

Our skin soaks up these types of moisturizers very well, and it makes them a great base. Many people experience it user friendly and effective to apply their makeup.


Water-based moisturizers have the power to leave our skin feeling fresh and less weighted compared to rich moisturizer. It is an excellent option for the user who is seeking a thicker cream in the skin.


It increases radiance, clarity, and the water content on the skin, and it also helps to improve texture.

Last words:

So, now it is obvious to us that there are many reasons to be a watery eye, and there are also many ways to improve your watery eye. If you are watery eye, be more careful and alert to use makeup. And follow the above advice, and if it is needed, you should go to the expert doctor for specialized treatment. I hope your problem will be solved and you will recover from this irritating watery eye problem. I wish you good luck.

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